She stepped out of the car where she spotted a group of her closest family & friends all huddled together at the beautiful Liberty Park. She was shocked to see all of them there just waiting for her arrival. You see, Bijal had thought she was attending a surprise party for her friend, but she soon realized that the surprise was for her! One of her close friends handed her a balloon and said, “It’s for you.. pop it!” and with a giant smile on her face, she did.

Confetti exploded out of the popped balloon along with a tiny note that led her to her next destination where she would find another group of close friends. There they were, awaiting her arrival with another balloon for her to pop. As she popped the second balloon, another tiny note flew out of it. As she opened it up, she was directed to walk further. As she walked she began to see her man waiting for her with the beautiful NYC skyline behind him, roses in hand, a giant smile on his face, and on only one knee.

Their eyes locked and as she finally figured out what was going on, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Bijal ran and jumped into Darshan’s arms! She said yes! & what a beautiful proposal it was to photograph!

*Be sure to check out the slideshow above to see more highlights of this romantic engagement!


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