For these two it all started in elementary school. Renee had a huge crush on Jeff back then, but unfortunately in the 7th grade his parents decided to move and off he went with them. Renee would always have these random dreams of Jeff and that they were together. It’s as if she always knew all along. Years passed by & the two continued on their lives without each other… Until that one day that changed everything. They had reunited on Facebook and began to talk to each other, bring up old times, and ever since that one little conversation they have been inseparable. Isn’t it funny how timing is everything?


When Jeff + Renee told me how meaningful + significant the beach is to them, I felt an instant connection to work with them! I had shared the exact same feeling they had. The beach has been with me my entire life – through every amazing moment from my first real kiss to every sad moment like my first real break up. Its a place I go to to mediate when I am feeling stressed or upset and its also a place I go to when I’m happy or feeling inspired. My boyfriend PJ  and I often go at night when no one is around and stare up at the sky and just talk about life and our purpose in it. Something about the beautiful sound of crashing waves combined with the soft sand in between my toes and the smell of sea salt in the all makes me feel balanced and if I am home. For Jeff + Renee, the beach was a very spiritual place. They felt connected to it for a lot of the same reasons as I did and so understanding that helped me have a clear idea of the vision for their wedding day!


Renee looked absolutely beautiful walking down the isle and as the couple said “I do” their close family and friends clapped + cheered for them. It was truly a beautiful ceremony with many laughs, many tears, and lots of love.


*Be sure to check out some highlights of their day in the slideshow above!


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